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Ezra Miller is quietly recast in Invincible season two - by the voice of Bugs Bunny

What's up, Mark? (We couldn't resist)

D.A. Sinclair in season one of Invincible
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The cast of Invincible is full of high-profile stars, but there is one that didn’t make the jump to the second season. Ezra Miller, the troubled actor who played D.A. Sinclair in a particularly brutal episode of the show’s first season, didn’t voice the character when they made a brief appearance in the season two episode I’m Not Going Anywhere.

The producers of Invincible have quietly parted ways with troubled star Ezra Miller following the actor’s litany of controversies dating back to 2020, which include multiple allegations of assault, grooming minors, and theft. Miller is best known for playing The Flash in DC’s films as recently as 2023’s The Flash. Their recasting in Invincible comes after Warner Bros. repeatedly refused to part ways with Miller despite their legal troubles.

Following their appearance in the seventh episode of Invincible season two, we’ll likely be seeing more of Sinclair going forward. In their brief scene, the character was voiced by Eric Bauza, someone whose name you might not recognize but you almost certainly have heard their voice before. Among their hundreds of other credits including Bob’s Burgers and X-Men ’97, he has played Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and Marvin the Martian in various Looney Tunes shows and video games.

We’re not sure how significant the recasting will be as the second season of Invincible continues to air on Amazon Prime Video. D.A. Sinclair made a brief but memorable appearance in season one as a mad scientist who intended to help humanity overcome its limitations through brutal engineering. Bauza’s long career as a voice actor means that the role is certainly in safe hands for now.

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