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Amazon's Fallout TV show isn't for kids, as mature rating warns us (just like the apocalypse it portrays)

The Wastelands are no place for kids.

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The Wastelands are a dangerous place. They’re violent, dirty, and irradiated beyond recognition – and that’s just the people. Amazon’s Fallout series has to bring a healthy dose of quirky, irreverent humor to its first season, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be for kids. Fallout’s season one age rating gives us a clue of how faithfully it will adapt the iconic video game series.

Most of the Fallout games have had an M rating or similar, depending on the country rating them, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Amazon’s Fallout TV show has a TV-MA age rating for its first season. However, Amazon hasn’t given specific reasons that the show has this rating so it is difficult to say what potentially offensive or frightening material we’ll be seeing. It certainly won’t be suitable for young kids, though.

However, if the show manages to capture the same tone that the games are known for, then we can expect there to be copious violence against people, robots, and monsters. There will also probably be swearing, drug use, and scenes of intense peril. The games aren’t known for their sexual content, though we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a touch more in the TV series. Certainly not on the same level as The Boys, however. Just a lot of blood and violence in the unforgiving Wasteland.

Fallout season one is due to land on Amazon Prime Video on April 11, 2024 with a cast that includes Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins.

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