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Amazon Prime Video's Fallout cast & crew really seem to 'get' the franchise, and the humor we want

Get your bottlecaps ready for another trip into the Wasteland.

Character exiting the vault in Fallout series
Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios

When you’re adapting a property as iconic as Fallout, you need to have people involved who are passionate about the source material. Even as you try to tell your own story within the world, it's important to recognize why fans are so attached to it. During the Fallout series panel at CCXP in Brazil, actor Aaron Moten gave some insight into why fans should trust himself and the team behind the show to deliver something special.

“There is no game like Fallout,” Moten explained to the crowd. Referring to the retro-futuristic style and comedic tone of the series’ post-apocalyptic world, he added, “There is no tone like the tone of Fallout. That’s what [the showrunners] have done so well to adapt that tone to the television screen for us to all enjoy.”

It isn’t just the actors who have picked up on the importance of the tongue-in-cheek comedy of the Fallout games. Finding the balance between the world ending and the humor of Fallout was “the biggest challenge of the show,” according to showrunner Graham Wagner, but it was also the key to making the show work. “I don’t know if I want to watch eight episodes of drudgery and misery. I think I want to, you know, see some crazy stuff in there.”

Aside from just lightening the tone of the series, Wagner also pointed out that the humor is essential to keeping the human element of the show. “The reality about human nature is that we’re weird. We’re silly people and I don’t think atom bombs could take that away from us.”

We still have to wait a few months before we see if the crew’s passion for Fallout translates into a great TV experience, but it is reassuring to know that they get what makes the games stand out. It isn’t just the action or the story. Fans love Fallout because of how it sprinkles humor throughout the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world.

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