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Amazon's Fallout gets its release date moved up for a second time

We're sure this is the last change they'll make, right?

Image credit: Prime Video

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One of the most anticipated shows of 2024 just got a little closer, as Amazon has unexpectedly shifted the release date for its upcoming Fallout series on Prime Video. The adaptation of one of the most celebrated franchises in gaming history is now just a little bit closer, though we’re not entirely sure why they’ve chosen to bring Fallout’s release date forward.

Originally the show was meant to be released on April 12, but that was quietly changed. In a surprisingly subtle move from Amazon, the new release date for Fallout was moved to April 11, 2024, up a day from what we had previously been told. This wasn’t due to any official announcement from Amazon or the producers. It was just slipped into one of the trailers for the show. However, that wasn't the only schedule change the series would have. Following a TV spot that ran during the 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game, Prime Video announced that the Fallout series would now debut on April 10, 2024 at 6pm PDT. That means that all eight episodes of the first season will arrive just a bit earlier than expected, just to keep us all on our toes.

There are plenty of reasons why Fallout has become one of the most exciting shows on Amazon’s 2024 release schedule. The game series has been going on for decades and includes some of the best open-world video games of all time. The franchise’s unique tone, balancing the gritty post-apocalyptic world with a tongue-in-cheek humor that is like nothing else in entertainment, makes it a challenge to translate onto the small screen but, if they can pull it off, will make the show a delightful mix of humor and action.

It has also been almost four years since the show was originally announced, with the lingering pandemic and long Hollywood strikes of 2023 delaying each delaying its release, so fans are rightly excited to see this world come to life. Now they won’t have to wait much longer, as the Fallout release date has been moved just a little closer right under our noses.

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