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Amazon greenlights Fallout season 2, showrunners excited for more "cannibalism, incest, and jello cake"

We're ready to crawl out through the fallout one more time.

Image credit: Prime Video

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Vault-Tech has arrived to bring us a bit of good news here in the Wasteland. Just a week after it debuted on Amazon Prime Video, the Fallout TV series has been officially renewed for a second season, meaning that we’ll get another chance to join our heroes as they navigate the dangerous lands outside Vault 33.

Executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy shared the news by saying that they “can’t wait to blow up the world all over again,” which would be mildly threatening if it didn’t mean we were getting more episodes of Fallout. Showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner added that they were thankful to “[Nolan], [Kilter Films], Bethesda, and Amazon for having the courage to make a show that gravely tackles all of society’s most serious problems these days – cannibalism, incest, and jello cake.”

These comments would seem strange in any other context but they’re perfectly in keeping with the irreverent tone that has been a staple of Fallout since the very beginning. The fact that the show has been renewed is a relief for fans, who raved about the show, and the show-runners, who were eager to dive deeper into some of the Fallout lore that they didn't have time to explore in season one. We’re sure Bethesda, the makers of the games themselves, is just as thrilled, considering how many people jumped back into the titles after the show came out.

All eight episodes of Fallout season one are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. We don’t have a release date for season two, but we’re still bloody excited to hear that it is happening.

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