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The Fantastic Four release date: When is Marvel Studios' next superhero team coming to the big screen?

Marvel's 'first family' is back with an all-star cast.

Fantastic Four
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We finally know who will play Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four, and we couldn't be happier about the final picks. But when is the movie finally coming out?

What might be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most anticipated new entry is supposed to arrive next year alongside the fourth Captain America flick, now led by Anthony Mackie, the troubled Blade reboot, and the also-long-in-the-works Thunderbolts adaptation. The Fantastic family, however, represents a huge part of the MCU's future and could be the major hit the franchise desperately needs to reignite the general audiences' declining interest.

When does The Fantastic Four come out in theaters?

After several release date shifts, The Fantastic Four is set to release in cinemas worldwide on July 25, 2025. Incidentally, that's also the month held by DC Studios' Superman: Legacy right now, so we'll see if the Kryptonian flies away or dares to stand firm on July 11, 2025.

Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts, which supposedly wraps up Phase 5 of the MCU, previously held the aforementioned July slot, and has now been moved to May 2, 2025.

What will The Fantastic Four be about?

Plot details are a secret for now, but the first poster and artwork shared by Marvel Studios indicates the rumors about a '60s setting were true, instantly making the new Fantastic Four reboot far more interesting. Whether the 'period piece' element will greatly affect its sci-fi plot and place within the larger MCU remains to be seen. What if these F4 are from a different timeline altogether?

Word on the street (far from confirmed) is that planet-eating villain Galactus will be the main threat of the movie, with the Silver Surfer making an appearance alongside him. No major Doctor Doom presence... yet. Whether this is true and how it all plays out... remain to be seen. Expect more news and details to drop in the coming weeks and months.

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