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FBI season 6 finale: The team tracks down Agent Hobbs' killer in the final episode of this season

Three more seasons have already been ordered by CBS.

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Image credit: CBS

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After a long delay due to the Hollywood strikes of 2023, the sixth season of FBI is finally about to come to our screens. While this season has been the shortest one in the show’s history, it has proven to still be popular enough with fans to convince CBS to bring it back for more seasons. With just 13 episodes, the FBI season six finale is just around the corner.

The final episode of FBI season six is due to air on May 21, 2024 on CBS. According to the official description from the network, the episode will be called 'Ring of Fire' and will focus on the team chasing down the Somalian terrorist group that was responsible for the death of Agent Hobbs. While fans might be disappointed that the season is so short, there is plenty of good news on the horizon. CBS has already renewed FBI through season nine, meaning that the police procedural will be on the air until at least 2027.

Not only has FBI become a cornerstone of the CBS programming block, but it has also spawned two spinoffs in the form of FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International. Both shows are currently ongoing, which is giving FBI a substantial footprint on the airwaves at the moment. If the rapid expansion of shows in the same universe feels familiar, it is because the architect behind it is Dick Wolf, who built the Law & Order franchise on NBC.

FBI season six is due to air on May 21, 2024, with seasons seven, eight, and nine already greenlit by the network.

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