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Free Comic Book Day arrives at the U.S. Capitol, thanks to Congressman Robert Garcia

The head of the Popular Arts Caucus brought the annual event (and, of course, some free comics) to Capitol Hill Wednesday

Free Comic Book Day at Capitol Hill
Image credit: The office of Congressman Robert Garcia/

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This Saturday, comic stores around the U.S. (and beyond) will celebrate Free Comic Book Day, the annual event that sees publishers from Marvel and DC through Scholastic and VIZ Media release special editions to be given away by comic book stores for free in a celebration of the comic book medium — but fans in Washington DC got a chance to get a jump on everyone else, thanks to the efforts of Congressman Robert Garcia.

Congressman Garcia, the chair of the bipartisan Congressional Popular Arts Caucus, hosted a special event in the Longworth House Office Building -- one of several buildings on Capitol Hill intended for use by the U.S. House of Representatives — Wednesday morning titled, Free Comic Book Day on Capitol Hill. Working in connection with local stores Big Planet Comics and Fantom Comics, the event offered the opportunity to pick up a number of free issues, but also the chance to see some very rare comics held in the collection of the Library of Congress.

In a statement, Congressman Garcia said, “With millions of Americans working in the arts and cultural production industry, it’s so important to recognize the ability of the popular arts to bring people together, promote critical thinking, and contribute to our growing economy. As someone who learned to read English through comic books, I know Free Comic Book Day is an opportunity to reach young people and families across the country and expose them to reading and the arts. As founder of the Popular Arts Caucus, I’ve made it my mission to uplift artists while celebrating their cultural and economic contributions to this country.”

As evidenced by posts on social media, the event was a success:

This event is actually culmination of a plan announced last year by Congressman Garcia as part of the mission of the Popular Arts Caucus, during the Congressman’s visit to San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Popverse talked to the Congressman at that show, and will be talking to him again about bringing FCBD to the seat of U.S. political power — look for that interview later this week!

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