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Trap your movie popcorn like a ghost in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire theater merch

Just because it is a shameless cash grab doesn't mean we don't want that ghost trap popcorn bucket.

Old cast members in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

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Every time a big movie comes out, it isn’t just the movie studios who look to cash in. The theaters themselves can smell a potential sale a mile off and put together a surprisingly large haul of tie-in merchandise for you to pick up on your way to your screen. The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cinema merchandise has already hit shelves and some of it is pretty impressive.

Cinemark looks like it is leading the competition when it comes to the variety of items you can pick up. In addition to shirts, hats, and stickers with the Ghostbusters iconic logo on them, they’ve also got a couple of giant popcorn tins and cups with the Ghostbusters’ buddy Slimer emblazoned on them which you can fill up before you take your seats. If watching a green ghost vomit out your snacks as you watch Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is your thing, Cinemark has you covered.

However, the coolest bit of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cinema merchandise comes from some of the other theater chains. Both AMC and Regal Cinemas offer a popcorn bucket styled after the legendary ghost trap from the Ghostbusters franchise. From the pictures, it looks like a really high-quality piece of memorabilia. All the buttons and knobs look spot on – it would almost be a shame to fill it with greasy, buttery popcorn.

The Ghostbusters series has never been shy about flooding the marketplace with different merchandise and toys so we expect these items to be swirling around in collectors’ circles for a couple of years after the movie hits theaters. Even if you don’t manage to grab one when you go see Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire in cinemas, you’ll probably be able to pick these up a bit later.

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