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The unseen heroes of CBS Ghosts, according to Trevor actor Asher Grodman

There's a lot of folks behind the scenes worthy of applause

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CBS comedy Ghosts is back on the air with season 3, and we here at Popverse cannot be more thrilled to be able to catch up with the wacky antics of the ghosts inhabiting Woodstone Mansion. To celebrate the return of the show, Popverse had a chance to chat with Asher Grodman, who plays one of our favorite ghosts - Trevor about what he has in common with his character and what most fans wont know about the show.

Read on to see what he has to say below.

Popverse: What do you have in common with your character Trevor?

Asher Grodman: I was taking at test or something at Comic Con - one of those Buzzfeed tests - that said who you're most like, and I got myself. But it's funny because I think of Trevor as being significantly more confident and carefree than I am. We're New Yorkers, that's true. And I think there's a little bit of... maybe [we're] very self satisfied about our jokes. I think maybe that's the biggest overlap. When we get a joke to land... maybe a little puppyish quality, looking for the fun.

What's your favorite part about making Ghosts that most people just wouldn't know?

I think the most obvious thing that people just wouldn't be able to know is we have the best crew I've ever been around. We have this Montreal based crew - Michel St-Martin, who's our Director of Photography is just... the texture in our show, it's so beautiful. Zoe Sakellaropoulo has created all of these sets. Season 3, we shot all interior - everything's inside this massive studio that we have in Montreal, and there's a ton of interior-for-exterior stuff that's happening. And you're gonna see it throughout the the season, and these sets that they've built are just mind-blowing.

Ghosts (US)
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It's such an incredible work group to work with, they're so creative and collaborative and open and I think it's probably the greatest joy that we get to have that I hope the fans get to see the results of - but you don't get to experience it first hand. So I have to get a shout out to them. The work that we do with VFX is amazing, Alexis Belanger, Gunner Hansen, and Cécile Morel... there's so much that goes into this show because it's such a complicated show. It's so rich visually, and while it is an incredible cast and I could do anything with these people - I could be trapped in the house for eternity with these people - there's a lot of really talented people behind the scenes that only we get to have access to, and that's a little bit of a shame because they're brilliant.

Joe Port and Joe Wiseman who are our showrunners - one of the great things that they've done is lean into the limitations. Often I find, especially with creativity, if you can't do something, it's a great thing to lean into that and then find power in the limitations. So you have all these characters who can't go anywhere, but because of that, the story can go back in time. And playing in that boundary of what is it that we can and cant do, I think our writer's room and our showrunners just do a really great job of kind of dancing over that line.

Ghosts season 3 is currently airing on CBS.

Ghosts has become a phenomenon in the UK, America, and around the world. With CBS's third season of Ghosts underway, get to know your favorite apparitions with a guide to how the ghosts of Ghosts died, where to watch both Ghosts shows, a guide to the casts of Ghosts, why BBC's Ghosts ended, and learn about the other Ghosts the original show planned but never used. We even have some thoughts on why the American Ghosts has its own worthy charms.

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