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Ghosts’ Asher Grodman on what place he would haunt if he were a ghost

His answer may surprise you

Asher Grodman in Ghosts
Image credit: CBS

CBS comedy Ghosts is full of silly ghosts shenanigans, so when Popverse had a chance to chat with actor Asher Grodman (who plays Trevor on the show), we had some silly ghost questions to ask him.

Check out what Asher Grodman had to say below.

Popverse: If you had to be stuck as a ghost with three people, who would they be?

Asher Grodman: I got to bump into him a bunch when he was alive and he was such an icon for me - Philip Seymour Hoffman. Oh god... this is really hard. Let's put Obama in there, he's such a pivotal icon in my life, for my generation. I'll give a nod to my Jaguars fandom and say, Fred Taylor, who was their running back for a long time and a future hall of famer.

If you had to be stuck in any place for all eternity, where would it be?

Let's go with the White House. I think you'll never be bored. There's always going to be something going on. Whatever the biggest thing that's happening at the time, theoretically should be coming through those [doors], I thought about an airport for a second, but then I thought, 'Well that might get a little mundane after a time.' But the White House might be fun, to see inside the walls, the inner working of what goes on.

You mentioned you're a big Jaguars fan, if you were a ghost in a football stadium, where would you live?

You'd want to be on the field right? It's nice to be in a box and all that kind of stuff, but the action's down in the field, I think that's where you want to be. And as someone who has been lucky enough to be down there a couple of times, it's electric.

And if I'm Trevor, with Trevor's powers. With a lot of effort, I can change the trajectory of some results.

Nudging the football one way or another?

Nudging it just slightly.

Ghosts season 3 is currently airing on CBS.

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