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Ghosts season 4 release date: When we speculate if (and when) CBS will bring the show back

Undeath has never been this funny.

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We’ve all had to deal with some nightmare roommates before, but at least they were still among the living. That isn’t the case for CBS’ Ghosts, which has had its third season premiere in February 2024. Now that Sam and Jay are back dealing with a new batch of undead tenants in their stately home, fans are already wondering when Ghosts season four will make its appearance.

So is Ghosts being renewed for a fourth season? We don’t know yet one way or another, unfortunately. As of yet, CBS has declined to say either way, so there is still hope that we’ll get a season four. The Hollywood strikes of 2023 not only delayed the third season’s debut but are making fans wait a bit longer to find out if the show will return in 2025.

CBS seems to be taking a very cautious approach to Ghosts, always renewing it one season at a time. Previous announcements have come about halfway through a season of Ghosts in January of 2022 and 2023, but the third season’s debut was delayed until February 2024. The studio is probably waiting to see how the ratings for this season look before they commit to more episodes. If this trend continues for season four of Ghosts, we expect an announcement in April or May 2024.

Of course, things like this are pure speculation until we hear directly from the production team or the studio. Early reports for the third season show that ratings are on par with previous seasons’ debut, so CBS might decide to renew Ghosts for a fourth season sooner than the above. The premise has the potential for nearly limitless stories as new specters join the cast to haunt Woodstone Mansion. The original BBC version ran for five seasons before it was eventually cancelled, so we'll have to wait and see.

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