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Godzilla Minus One director would love to tackle another huge IP next

A kaiju-sized dream

Godzilla Minus One - roar
Image credit: Toho

It feels like everyone is either developing a Star Wars movie or looking to make one these days, and now we can add a surprising name to the list of filmmakers who have shown interest in booking a ticket to the galaxy far, far away.

/Film talked to Godzilla Minus One director Takashi Yamazaki ahead of the US release of the movie that’s rocked the global box office (given its $15 million budget) this past weekend, and it sounds like he’s quite passionate about Star Wars and would love to land a gig at Lucasfilm: "I watched Star Wars, and that's how I ended up being a filmmaker… I'm really hoping I will get a call and they will bring me on Star Wars."

We’re used to constantly hearing from American and European directors whose careers were kickstarted and/or shaped by the first few Star Wars movies, so it’s nice to hear from Asian directors who’d also like to approach one of the biggest franchises of all time. A fun thing about Star Wars is how remarkably universal its themes and core character dynamics are, so we agree that Lucasfilm should start looking into bringing more diverse voices into the fold (though we admit Star Wars Visions on Disney+ has been a strong first effort).

As for Godzilla, the IP is enjoying remarkable attention and success at the moment, with both Toho and Legendary exploring wildly different angles with the iconic kaiju and all that surrounds him. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is about to walk into the second half of its first season, and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire aims to replicate the gargantuan success of Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) when it opens next spring in cinemas. Meanwhile, Godzilla Minus One has landed the biggest-ever debut in the US for a Japanese live-action movie.

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