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First Halo season 2 trailer is all about the Fall of Reach

Remember Reach.

Halo season 2 trailer
Image credit: Paramount+

The Fallout series isn’t the only TV adaptation of a famous video game franchise gracing our screens early next year. Also straight from Brazil’s CCXP, we got our first look at season 2 of Halo, which is debuting exclusively on Paramount+ in February.

While season 1 of the show was far from the disaster the Internet likes to claim it was, there was obviously some division amongst viewers and an identity crisis at the center of a show which often struggled to balance its more human take on Master Chief and the cast of old and new characters with the larger conflict the games are known for. At worst, it felt like a derivative sci-fi show with a large production budget, but the handful of episodes that fired on all cylinders were pretty epic and worth sticking around for. After swapping showrunners once the first season was finished, it seems like things could be heading in a very different direction for season 2. Watch the first trailer below:

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Halo fans in the room will quickly notice how this second set of episodes looks remarkably darker and grittier, not just because they seem to be dropping subplots no one really asked for, but also because the main focus is put on the Fall of Reach, the major event which kicks off the in-game saga of Master Chief. This is great news for diehard and casual fans alike, but at the same time, it confirms we won’t actually get to the titular ring-shaped world until season 3, so those viewership numbers better be good.

At this point, it’s abundantly clear the Halo show is still the biggest Paramount+ series so far, and that might be giving the creatives behind it enough breathing room to fine-tune their take on the beloved source material. We’ll see how season 2 fares when it debuts on February 8.

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