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The Masters of the Universe live-action movie refuses to die, might find a new home

It appears the power of Grayskull is with it.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Netflix)
Image credit: Netflix

Amazon is now in talks to handle the live-action Masters of the Universe movie from Adam and Aaron Nee, the writing and directing team behind The Lost City.

If you're thinking 'I've been hearing about this one for what feels like a decade,' it's because your mind isn't playing tricks on you. The new live-action take on Mattel's famous property has been bouncing around Hollywood for too many years now, and the iteration that was seemingly moving in front of the cameras in early 2024 was killed back in July this year at Netflix. However, after the massive hit which the Barbie movie turned out to be, there are more than enough players in town who want to grab Mattel's other huge toy property as soon as possible. Now, Variety has the exclusive that Amazon MGM Studios might pounce on a new version of the project with the Nee brothers still attached.

The unfortunate Netflix development a few months back was unexpected, as the company had spent "nearly $30 million in development costs over two years for the project," according to Variety. Alongside Adam and Aaron Nee as writers and directors of the long-gestating project, Kyle Allen (A Haunting in Venice) is still on board to star as He-Man. On top of all the talent which would be transferred from the failed project at Netflix (should the new deal be closed), Variety has also heard Amazon and Mattel might be looking at a wide theatrical release too.

With all the awards buzz now surrounding the Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie adaptation, the chances of anything Mattel making the jump to the big (or small) screen have skyrocketed, so things are looking bright for He-Man and his gang and Skeletor. Meanwhile, the animated series Masters of the Universe: Revolution, a follow-up to the fandom-dividing Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021), is set to drop on Netflix next year.

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