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One of Robin Williams' best films, Hook, is set to leave Netflix this month

One last chance to bangarang.

Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook with the Lost Boys
Image credit: Tristar Pictures

Robin Williams’s film catalog is among the most impressive in Hollywood history. Across multiple decades, he played some incredibly memorable characters, but one of our personal favorites has to be his take on a grown-up Peter Pan in Hook. If it's one of your favorite Williams movies as well, you better watch it while you can because Hook is leaving Netflix at the end of November.

In Hook, Williams plays a Peter Pan who has lost his memories of Neverland because he became a boring grown-up with a job and kids. When his children are taken by Captain Hook – played masterfully by Dustin Hoffman – he has to rejoin the Lost Boys and learn to fly all over again to save them. There is an imaginary food fight and a pirate-filled baseball game, plus the perfect use of practical effects to bring Neverland to life.

The Steven Spielberg-directed film was made when Williams was at his peak, combining his manic comedy with dramatic chops we didn’t know he had at the time. You believe his performance as a dad desperate to reconnect with his kids and his own inner child in a swashbuckling adventure. Hook also included Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell, Bob Hoskins as Mr. Smee, and a pre-Zuko Dante Basco as the rebellious Rufio, who has taken up leadership of the Lost Boys in Pan’s absence.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber and you haven’t seen Hook, this might be your last chance as the streamer is set to remove the classic from its service on 30 November along with a whole host of other films and TV shows.

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