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Mexican couture walks the runway in a new season of House of Slay

The WEBTOONS/Tapas series House of Slay returns with a new arc by Henry Barajas and Louie Chin

House of Slay season 2 'Casa de Matar' page
Image credit: Louie Chin (House of Slay)

Superheroes are fashionable these days, but the superhero team of House of Slay may be the most fashionable superheroes of them all.

The Webtoon series (now running simultaneously on both WEBTOON and Tapas) follows five friends from New York's fashion world after they are granted superpowers and become superheroes.

On January 24, a new arc titled 'Casa de Matar' begins; one in which siblings Yasmine and Ricardo are in the midst of making some of their childhood dreams come true - including a new fashion line, until something goes horribly wrong.

"In a story that's especially close to home, 'Casa de Matar' takes us into Mexico City's fashion culture through two new characters who are on opposite sides of the dream; one wants to use their talent to help others and one wants to amass power for themselves," says Phillip Lim, co-founder of House of Slay. "Amid all the action we gain another perspective on the expanding world of House of Slay."

The 'Casa de Matar' chapter of House of Slay is written by Henry Barajas, with art from Louie Chin.

“It’s refreshing to tell stories in a world that isn’t afraid to talk about the issues we face today," Barajas tells Popverse. "House of Slay is the perfect comic to read if you don’t want the baggage and toxic fandom you get from a 60-year-old title. Finally, we have actual superheroes based on people we can get behind.”

Check out this 10-page preview of House of Slay 'Casa de Matar':

House of Slay is an collaborative initiative from fashion designers Prabal Gurung, Phillip Lim, Laura Kim, along with style maven Tina Leung and restauranteur Ezra J. William. The project's goal? To celebrate diverse voices in the fashion world. Part of the initiative includes this House of Slay digital comic series with Webtoon and Tapas.

"One of the things I love most about House of Slay is the new creative outlet for a part of me I don't often get to express. As a kid I idolized Wonder Woman, looking incredible as she fought bad guys and protected people," says co-founder Prabal Gurung. "To see ourselves literally in superhero costumes doing the same thing is amazing. This type of storytelling shows how you can put some intention behind the change you want to see in the world and actually make it happen."

The 'Casa de Matar' chapter of House of Slay debuts January 24 on WEBTOON and Tapas.

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