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How does Stranger Things season 5 end? Finn Wolfhard isn't sure, but not all of the cast is in the dark

Not everyone knows what's coming up at the end of our time in Hawkins, but some certainly do

Mike from Stranger Things
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Netflix is doing everything it can to keep the ending of Stranger Things season five from leaking... and that apparently includes keeping the final episode’s script from the cast, according to Finn Wolfhard. While some of the cast seem to at least know how their character’s arcs will end, Finn appears to be completely in the dark.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood to promote Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Wolfhard admitted that he and the rest of the cast didn’t know how the highly anticipated season of Stranger Things would end because they hadn’t seen the script for the final episode. "They’re waiting to give the cast the last episode,” he explained. “We’ve read up to the second-to-last episode so we’re all on the edge of our seats to find out what the ending is.”

However, not every cast member is totally out of the loop. Millie Bobbie Brown revealed during an interview of her own that the Duffer Brothers have told her how the story ends – at least for her character. She was quick to clam up when asked for details, saying that she likes working with Netflix and would like to continue to do so for “a very long time.”

Admittedly, it isn’t unusual for actors not to have the full script when they report to set the first day, but it is usually because the writers haven’t actually finished the final episodes yet. Wolfhard says that, because of the long gap between seasons four and five, the scripts are all done – they’re just holding onto the last one to keep everyone in the dark about the ending. We’re all for keeping the internet free of spoilers and all, but it feels like you should be able to trust your cast to keep their mouths shut.

Also, before anyone gets the idea that the producers are playing favorites, it isn't unusual for showrunners to tell actors how their story will end ahead of time if they feel it will inform their performance in earlier episodes. Clearly, there is a big, dramatic moment with Eleven coming up in the final episode of Stranger Things season five, which isn't so much an exciting reveal as it is the logical progression of her story.

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