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What happens when a vampire feeds on the Hulk? Marvel is about to show us

It sounds so cool and dumb but mostly cool.

Hulk: Blood Hunt #1 cover
Image credit: Joshua Cassara (Marvel Comics)

Comic books are full of strange philosophical questions. How does Mjolnir know who is worthy? Does Rocket have super intelligent fleas? Will any of our favorite heroes ever bite the bullet and just get the therapy they so desperately need? We don’t know the answers to these questions, but this June, Marvel is about to show us what drinking the Hulk’s blood will do to a vampire, which is still pretty cool.

Blood Hunters #2
Image credit: Greg Land (Marvel Comics)

It is all part of the Blood Hunt event from Marvel. In June's Blood Hunters #2, a group of vampires get a taste of Hulk’s blood, which will presumably give them strange, smash-related powers in addition to their usual vampiric traits. We won’t find out until Blood Hunters #2 goes on sale on June 5, 2024, but the concept is intriguing all on its own.

Comics are always at their best when they’re not afraid to lean into the Rule of Cool and a bunch of Hulked Out vampires is definitely cool. Silly, yes. The kind of thing that a ten-year-old would brainstorm? Absolutely. But still very cool so we’re here for it.

Marvel keeps telling us that Blood Hunters is their “wildest team yet” but that requires them to deliver some pretty wild storylines and possibly going places other comics aren't able to. It isn’t enough for Kate Bishop to show off her skills or for the team to stay on the trail of the missing Cloak. Delivering on that promise means Marvel needs to show us gamma-drunk vampires rampaging through the streets. It is the only way forward.

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