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After layoffs, IDW backs away from Originals line

Creator Will Robson has confirmed that his upcoming title was one of those killed by the publisher

IDW Originals
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Just months after IDW Entertainment went through a significant overhaul, rumors have started to emerge that a number of titles from its creator-owned comics line have been cancelled as the result of “policy changes” at the company.

The rumors went public Monday when comic book writer Alex de Campi tweeted, “I’m hearing anecdotally that a bunch of IDW Originals series are getting the chop due to policy changes at the company — I’m happy to do what I can via intros etc. to help your book land at a new publisher.”

Although IDW declined to comment when approached by Popverse about the rumor, one of the creators who was attached to an IDW Originals title, Will Robson, had already tweeted what appeared to be at least partial confirmation a day earlier, writing, “My creator owned book with IDW just got cancelled midway through making it. I’m devastated. After spending years on the pitch I’m truly gutted. This was a huge opportunity for me as a creator & now it’s gone. Guess I’m free if anyone wants to hire me…”

In a follow-up tweet, he added, “to any publishers, I have retained the rights and if you’re looking for a new title that’s fully conceptualised, 2 and a half scripts written and 5 pages of issue 1 drawn then hit me up.”

Ironically, the rumor went mainstream on the same day that industry site ICv2 ran an interview with IDW’s co-publishers Tara McCrillis and Mark Doyle, in which Doyle says that “nothing [is] changing” in terms of publishing plans, with releases set through early 2026, adding that the company is “certainly trying to double down on the books that we do have and the talent that we do have, making sure that we're giving them the best platform and putting them forward into the right places, and trying to reach new audiences, as well.”

The IDW Originals line was announced in April 2022, and officially debuted in July of that year. Following this year’s restructuring of the company — which saw roughly 39% of employees laid off — former DC Vertigo and Black Label editor Maggie Howell was named Group Editor for the line.

IDW Originals titles to date include Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman’s Dark Spaces: Wildfire, G. Willow Wilson and Chris Wildgoose’s The Hunger and the Dusk, and Scott Bryan Wilson and Liana Kansas’ True Kvlt.

IDW CEO Davidi Jonas spoke to Popverse about the company’s new focus earlier this year.

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