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Image Comics signs bookstore distribution deal with Simon & Schuster for 2024 and beyond

The mainstream book distributor will take over Image's output outside of comic stores starting in January

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Image Comics is making a big move in terms of bookstore distribution, with the announcement that the publisher has signed up with Simon & Schuster for distribution to the bookstore markets in North America, starting January 2024. Diamond Book Distributors will continue to service Image Comics in the UK and internationally.

In a statement, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson said, "For the past 20 years we have been able to establish a foothold for our trade paperbacks and graphic novels in the book market thanks in no small part to the support and efforts of Diamond Book Distributors. Over time, our needs and backlist of titles have grown and our increasing footprint in the marketplace has us excited to take this next step with Simon & Schuster to build a more robust infrastructure for our titles there.”

Michael Perlman, SVP and general manager of Simon & Schuster Publisher Services, added, “We are delighted to welcome Image Comics to our family of distribution clients. We look forward to partnering with them to help share their graphic novels with readers throughout North America."

The term “book market” is somewhat misleading; specifically, it refers to not just chain and independent bookstores, but also online retailers, libraries and other outlets that carry collected editions of comic books, outside of the comic store retailer-centric “direct market.” To complicate matters, however, comic retailers can and do order from “book market” distributors in many cases, especially if the latter has material in stock that direct market distributors have run out of.

The move from Diamond Book Distributors to Simon & Schuster in North America is the major second distributor move from Image in a matter of months. Back in May, the publisher cut ties with Diamond for direct market distribution to sign with Lunar. The new arrangement with Simon & Schuster does not affect Image’s relationship with Lunar, which takes effect with titles shipping in September.

Comic book distribution is a complicated subject, read a little more about it here.

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