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Isabela Merced praises her early Superman: Legacy experience as Hawkgirl

After Madame Web, Merced is going from one comic book universe to another

Isabela Merced in Madame Web
Image credit: Sony Pictures

Isabela Merced is one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood at the moment, and the promotion of Sony's Madame Web has allowed her to discuss many of her upcoming projects... including James Gunn's much-anticipated Superman: Legacy, the first movie of the rebooted DCU, where she'll play Hawkgirl.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with the actress recently and managed to extract a few interesting tidbits about projects like the aforementioned DC movie, Alien: Romulus, and The Last of Us season 2. From the very beginning, she was quite enthusiastic about the former: "I was directed by [Gunn] during the [screen] test for [Superman: Legacy], because I auditioned for this. I got to do [the screen test] with my other castmates, and that was really cool. It felt very professional; it was almost like a legitimate shooting day."

Merced is no stranger to big blockbusters in spite of her current success across several franchises. Many moviegoers still remember her role in Transformers: The Last Knight, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, and Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Now, she's taking things to the next level.

Superman: Legacy is expected to start principal photography any day now, and Merced sounds genuinely excited about the movie because of how confident Gunn and his team appear to be: "He has the best of the best working for him, and they’ve worked together for so long that it’s only up to me to mess it up. So I hope that I can understand and take notes and continue training and just be healthy throughout it all."

It sounds like she's putting a lot of weight on her shoulders to deliver as Hawkgirl, and if Gunn's past comic book adaptation efforts are solid indication, we're pretty sure he's giving her great material to work with, regardless of the size of the role.

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