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DC and Jason Aaron are cooking up a "darker and scarier" version of Bizarro for 2024

Jason Aaron promises "the most Bizarro of all Bizarro stories".

Action Comics #1061 variant
Image credit: Chris Bachalo (DC)

Former Marvel Comics head writer Jason Aaron is taking over DC's Superman in 2024 with a run on the Action Comics title. And while he is chomping at the bit to write Superman for the first time, he has a higher goal.

Cover of Action Comics 1061
Image credit: DC Comics

Creating a "darker and scarier" version of Bizarro, a bizarre (pun intended, and encouraged) Superman superfan gone awry, and monstrous, and evil.

"I want to tell the story that shows what I love about these characters, but hopefully does something you haven't seen before," Aaron says about his Action Comics run while at Thought Bubble. "Going back and reading those '50s Bizarro stories, it makes you feel bad for Bizarro. It's all, 'look how stupid Bizarro is.'"

Aaron went on to saying writing a Superman comic for the first time was daunting.

"Even before I sat down to write anything, I was so nervous. I felt like I was writing my first comic. I felt so nervous, I did what every nervous Superman writer should do: I called Mark Waid."

The anxiety got to him so much, but he wants people to know "I don't want to make people hate Superman!"

Look for the story beginning on January 9 with ction Comics #1061 by Aaron and artist John Timms.

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