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Jodie Foster is sick of superhero movies too, but she makes some pretty good points

Capes and spandex have dominated the box office for over 15 years

Jodie Foster in Contact
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Another week, another prominent Hollywood figure talking about how we might have too many superhero movies happening too fast, and looking at the certain trend of diminishing returns in recent times, it’s harder than ever to build a convincing argument against it.

Now it's two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster (via Variety) who raises her voice against the oversaturation the genre has hit in the last few years: “It’s a phase. It’s a phase that’s lasted a little too long for me, but it’s a phase, and I’ve seen so many different phases.”

She’s not wrong about Hollywood typically having “phases” during which there’s a dominant breed of blockbusters. Westerns, for example, were once a major force in Hollywood; they had a good run and later were normalized. We still have a handful of them nowadays each year (either on TV or for the big screen), but they’re far from being as popular as they once were. It’s not hard to see the same happening for comic book movies eventually.

While Foster is quite vocal about how much she doesn’t care about them, she keeps things realistic: “Hopefully people will be sick of it soon. The good ones — like Iron Man, Black Panther, The Matrix — I marvel at those movies, and I’m swept up in the entertainment of it, but that’s not why I became an actor. And those movies don’t change my life. Hopefully there’ll be room for everything else.”

We definitely agree with Iron Man and Black Panther being among the select few that have had a lasting impact on modern pop culture, though her mention of The Matrix there might be considered a bit of a head-scratcher, considering it didn't have its start in a comic book.

It’s important to notice how, at the end of the day, she brings the attention to how big their presence is and how that affects “everything else.” Most of Martin Scorsese’s comments, personal taste aside, have been about how huge comic book properties have dominated theatrical distribution for far too long, displacing tons of medium and small-sized movies in the process. That much is clear once you get past the inflammatory headlines, but many fans would rather see every single piece of commentary on this very real issue as a direct attack against their favorite works of fiction and their movie and TV adaptations.

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