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John Williams says "everything is possible" regarding further work on films

The maestro might not be done just yet (thankfully)

John Williams
Image credit: Lucasfilm

Despite being 91 years old, it appears that John Williams remains open to working on films for as long as he can, walking back his own retirement talk in recent years after scoring a new Star Wars trilogy, the fifth and final Indiana Jones film, and more.

At this point, it appears the only thing stopping the legendary composer from giving us more memorable melodies will be his old age, but he remains committed to holding the baton for as long as he can. During a chat with The Times published on December 31, 2023, he straight up said he'd be open to working on the right project: "If a film came along that I was greatly interested in, with a schedule that I could cope with, then I wouldn’t want to rule anything out. Everything is possible. All is before us. Only our limitations are holding us back. Or, to put it more simply: I like to keep an open mind."

Could a film he'd be "greatly interested in" be the upcoming post-Rise of Skywalker Star Wars film starring Daisy Ridley? After all, he said in the past he was "enchanted" by Ridley and the character of Rey.

Yet another return to Star Wars isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility, especially after seeing him return time and again to work on new themes for projects such as the main theme of the Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi series and even giving Disney's Galaxy's Edge theme park familiar sounds.

Beyond Lucasfilm-produced movie series such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Williams has done it all across a variety of genres and working with many of cinema's greatest-ever directors. About how he's approached so many different films over the years, he said the following: "Film requires you to adapt your style to every project that comes along: Home Alone can’t be in the same idiom as Saving Private Ryan or Jurassic Park, but perhaps we all have many parts to our characters. Somewhere in all of my film scores there must be some kind of ‘me’. But I leave that to others to identify."

Indeed, you can instantly tell when a film score is a 'Williams score' and not an imitation, and while it seems like he's done it all, he expressed in 2022 he'd love to compose a James Bond score. You know what? We say it's not too late.

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