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Christmas 2024 will see Jordan Peele & Robert Eggers trying to outscare each other

Nosferatu has just gotten a Christmas 2024 release date, which pits it against another highly anticipated horror picture

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Robert Eggers' long awaited Nosferatu film has just nabbed it's release date of Christmas Day 2024. If that release date sounds somewhat familiar to you, that's because another long awaited horror movie will be debuting on the big screens on the very same day. Oh yeah, Jordan Peele's fourth movie (following the critically lauded Nope) will also be debuting in theaters on December 25, 2024, meaning two 'elevated' horror movies will be duking it out at the box office over the pocket change of horror connoisseurs everywhere.

Is this decision wise? It's not unusual for two highly anticipated movies to debut at the same time, but usually they're catered to different audiences (think Barbenheimer). That way, audiences are filling theater seats, but not necessarily having to choose one desired movie over another. In this case, the audience for Robert Eggers' Nosferatu probably has a pretty big crossover with the audience for Jordan Peele's next movie, so this move looks like it may divide the box office winnings for both movies.

Of course, this is all a year and change off, and release schedules, as we've learned in this wild year, have a way of changing and shifting (though which movie will blink first?) like the new Exorcist movie moving to give Taylor Swift's movie more cushion space. Though if these two movies do end up debuting on the same day, it will certainly be a battle of the horror titans - or maybe this is just the setup for a delightful double feature. Now, we just need to decide which movie we're going to see first.

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