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DC's Justice Society of America is growing into a "global organization" in 2024 says writer Geoff Johns

The JSA might have to drop the 'of America' title soon.

JSA #10 variant cover
Image credit: Paris Alleyne (DC)

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The Justice Society of America is DC's original superhero team, and while for some it's been overshadowed by the latter Justice League - for other its become even more defined. Former DC CCO and longtime JSA writer Geoff Johns has very distinct views on the differences between the Society and the League of DC.

JSA #9 variant cover
Image credit: Damion Scott (DC)

"For me, it’s a society and a society is different than a league or a squad," Johns tells Popverse's Sam Stone. "A society is huge, it’s a never-ending evolution of what justice can mean. It’s more about introducing these characters and finding the ones that work."

This never-ending evolution included the recent induction of Ladybug into the JSA and the current 'Dawn of DC.' In upcoming issues of the 12-issue JSA series, Johns will be bringing in even more members - some only seen in JSA stories set in the future.

"The Mist was part of the JSA. Ruby, the Red Lantern’s daughter, was part of the JSA. These people are out there right now and, even though it’s not their time yet, they’re there and Huntress wants to bring them on now."

The growth of the JSA isn't just in its membership roster. Johns tells Popverse that the team will be growing in terms of its scope - which may result in them droping the 'of America' part of the JSA name.

"The JSA is evolving into a much bigger organization, group, and thing," says Johns. " It’s not about seven members each month sitting down at a table. It’s about a global organization and movement that’s going to grow leading up to Issue #12."

Justice Society of America #8 (of 12) is scheduled to be released March 5, 2024.

You can read Johns' full 5000+ word Q&A on his DC work and his Ghost Machine work now.

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