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Leave the World Behind is the top film on Netflix, with almost 100 million hours streamed in its first week

That's more than triple its closest competition on the streamer

Leave the World Behind cast
Image credit: Netflix

We all knew that Leave the World Behind was going to be a big hit for Netflix. With a cast that includes Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la, and Kevin Bacon, the film was well-received during its brief theatrical run in November. It was expected to be the number one movie on Netflix since its debut on December 8, but even so, it is still surprising just how far ahead of the competition the movie is.

Leave The World Behind was the number one movie on Netflix last week, with almost 100 million hours streamed in the past six days. That is more than triple what the next highest-streamed English-language movie, Family Switch, managed in its second week in the top ten. More than 41 million users streamed Leave the World Behind – again, this is more than double the number that Family Switch managed in the same period. In just one week, Leave the World Behind was streamed enough to put it in the top 100 most streamed titles of 2023 for Netflix, with a second week likely to generate even more buzz.

It helps that Leave the World Behind features such a compelling concept to complement its blockbuster cast. The movie portrays a world where the technology we rely on every day, such as wifi, cell phones, and even television, suddenly stops working. The world becomes increasingly chaotic as people adjust to the new world they live in.

Aside from some fantastic performances from the cast, Leave the World Behind offers some startling imagery throughout, though critics have complained that the pacing leaves a lot to be desired. Still, if it maintains this kind of momentum ahead of Christmas, Leave the World Behind could very well become the biggest movie on the streamer in 2023. That title currently belongs to The Mother, which amassed just short of 300 million hours viewed during the first half of 2023.

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