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One company has revolutionized comic con snacking... long as you like popcorn

ACE Superhero Comic Con
Image credit: Josh Bertone (Popverse)

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A new comic convention has found a way to butter up fans for their inaugural event.

ACE Superhero Comic Con, a new convention happening this weekend in San Antonio, Texas, has rolled out a new perk for those of us who have a habit of spending multiple days at a convention a couple times a year: a $10 unlimited popcorn bucket.

Popverse attends a lot of comic conventions (22 this year alone!), both those run by our parent company ReedPop as well as others such as Comic-Con International: San Diego, D23 Expo, and smaller shows like ACE Superhero Comic Con. But this is the first time we've seen this.

PMX Events, the organizers of the ACE Superhero Comic Con, has a booth selling $10 unlimited popcorn buckets with the proceeds going towards a Texas nonprofit called Texas Yes. From what Popverse can gather, the popcorn booth is being manned completely by volunteers.

While popcorn buckets from big budget movies like Dune: Part Two and Deadpool & Wolverine seem to be spurring popcorn bucket designers to new heights this year - and, boy, what a job it would be to design popcorn buckets for a living! - ACE Superhero Comic Con appears to be using years-old, unused movie theater popcorn buckets featuring Frozen, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Bumblebee, and Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), among others.

This con concession innovation would seemingly go hand-in-hand (literally) with Wild Bill's Soda, who frequently has booths at various conventions selling root beer mugs with unlimited refills. (Yes, Wild Bill's is at Ace Superhero Comic Con this weekend, for those at the show who want to try out the combination for themselves.)

My one worry out of all of this is the convention floors - with or without carpet - and what they'd be like full of popcorn kernels and old soda. Think of it as the authentic movie theater experience, without the worry about sitting in the dark for two hours to experience it.

The real question is: with ACE Superhero Comic Con having made this bold move, what will be the next show to pick up the challenge and raise the stakes? Unlimited ice cream is a possibility that's right there, you know...

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