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Kieron Gillen is headed to New York Comic Con 2024

The Immortal X-Men writer, Marvel staple, and The Wicked + The Divine co-creator will be at Artist Alley

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The Power Fantasy #1
Image credit: Caspar Wijngaard/Image Comics

If you've been reading comics in the past 15 years, then you're certainly familiar with the name Kieron Gillen. (Especially if you were paying attention to our Emerald City Comic Con coverage earlier this year.) Even better, if you're heading to New York's premiere pop culture event this year, you may just get the chance to meet him, with Popverse thrilled to announce that the critically acclaimed writer will be attending New York Comic Con 2024.

To list all of Gillen's accolades here would make this page crash, so instead, I'll just point out some highlights: Modern X-Men readers willl know Gillen shepherded a decent chunk of the Krakoan mutant line, including but not limited to Immortal X-Men and Rise of the Powers of X. Years before that, Gillen rewrote the history of Loki's character in a seminal run of Journey Into Mystery, along with collaborators Valerio Schiti, Whilce Portacio, Pasqual Ferry, and other guest artists. He also helped make the Eternals cool in their shortlived 2021 comic book series, and recreated the Young Avengers with long-standing creative partner Jamie McKelvie as part of the Marvel Now! initiative back in 2013.

Image credit: Stephane Hans/Rowan, Rook and Decard

Outside the House of Ideas, Gillen is known for his very popular indie titles at publishers such as Image Comics and Boom! Studios, such as the mythology-brewed fame parable The Wicked + The Divine, ode to pop music Phonogram (both co-created with the aforementioned McKelvie), supernatural romp Once and Forever with Dan Mora, and roleplaying fantasy horror DIE with Stephanie Hans, described by Image Comics as "Jumanji for Goths." (A comic that Gillen and Hans have since transformed into a playable RPG, amazingly.) Currently, he's preparing to launch a new series, The Power Fantasy, with artist Caspar Wijngaard at Image.

If you were a fan of any of these (or the many, many other Gillen works that I didn't list here), go ahead and grab your tickets for NYCC now so you can see the man himself in Artist's Alley all four days of the show - which is to say, October 17 through 24. All we can do is guarantee you that Kieron Gillen will be in the Big Apple - you have to take care of your own travels yourself.

New York Comic Con 2024 runs October 17 through 20 in the Javits Center, New York City. Tickets are still available for Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Get ready - tickets for NYCC 2024 are about to go on sale (and we can get you early access to those, plus all the big autograph and photo op opportunities!).

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