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Loki sneaks his way into McDonald's latest Famous Orders meal

If you thought Tom Hiddleston was saucy before now, just you wait

Loki McDonald's tie-in
Image credit: Marvel Studios/McDonald's

At the end of the first season of Marvel Studios’ Loki, Tom Hiddleston’s trickster god learned of the existence of the multiverse — and became lost in a new reality. The sky suddenly seemed the limit for where he could turn up next, as evidenced by the post-credit teaser at the end of Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania — but who, really, expected him to turn up at… McDonald’s?

As newly announced by the fast food chain, the next entry in its award-winning Famous Orders promotion isn’t actually the favorite choice of a celebrity, but a combo meal mentioning McDonald’s orders from famous movies and TV shows, such as Coming to America, The Office, Space Jam, and… Loki?

Even ahead of the show’s second season debut, McDonald’s is going hard on the Loki connection for the “As Featured In Meal,” offering a Loki-branded sweet’n’sour sauce featured in the new season, complete with a promotional tagline claiming, “Over one zillion variants serviced.” It’s also going to give a Brooklyn restaurant a makeover so that it resembles the 1982 McDonald’s that will appear in the new season — you can glimpse Sylvie working there in the new trailer — for three days, starting August 30. Additionally, there’s going to be an augmented reality experience via Snapchat filter, with exclusive Loki content.

Sure, it’s more low key — no pun intended — than what Burger King did for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, but isn’t that kind of fitting? After all, Loki’s very definitely the type to sneak into a restaurant and steal some extra sauces without drawing too much attention to himself. At least in this timeline.

Loki Season 2 debuts on Disney+ October 6. Better save up some of those sweet’n’sours for the next few months to have them ready at the right time. (The mismatch between the promotion and the actual debut of the season is another oddly metatextual trick, given that Loki is at heart a time travel show…)

Everything you’d want to know about Loki season 2 is right here, except for exactly what your fast food accompaniment should be while watching.