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Loki: Miss Minutes is mad in the first trailer for Season 2

No more Miss Nice Mascot, judging by the new-look Minutes

Loki Miss Minutes
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Oh, you only thought that Miss Minutes was creepy before.

Briefly glimpsed in the new trailer for the second season of Marvel Studios’ Loki, the animated sidekick of He Who Remains — who was disguised as a benevolent mascot of the TVA until her true nature was revealed at the end of the show’s first season — has an unlikely new look now that she’s hanging out with Kang alternate Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors).

It’s not just the angry face or Tara Strong’s enjoyably mad vocal performance in the tiny little bit of trailer footage that gives away that this isn’t the same Miss Minutes that fans have fallen in love with; she’s seen changing both size and shape as she goes on a seeming rampage through the past, resembling a ghost from Pac-Man, of all things. If this leads into a plot line where Loki has to keep eating pellets while being chased through a series of alleyways, we’ll know exactly what Marvel’s writers have been doing in the downtime between seasons.

Chances are this new ghostly appearance isn’t her final form, however, although audiences will have to wait until October to find out more. The new season of the Disney+ series won’t debut until October 6, meaning that we have a few months yet to try and feature out just what is going on with Miss Minutes, and whether or not history is about to be destroyed by a clock gone bad. If nothing else, it’s the perfect metaphor for the “time is broken” theme of the season…

Watch the new trailer for Loki season 2 here:

Want to know how to catch up on how Loki ended up where and when he is? We’ve got a guide for you right here.

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