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Loki actors skip Hollywood premiere, so Marvel boss Kevin Feige speaks for them

The Marvel Studios head is happy to speak on behalf of the striking workers, it seems

Kevin MCU
Image credit: Marvel Studios

With the Actors strike continuing, actors remain unable to talk about or promote struck work, meaning that promotion for new TV shows and movies has to take place without them. Thankfully, the ever-innovative Marvel Studios has found a way around that, with head honcho Kevin Feige deciding that he’ll just speak on their behalf and share how awesome everything is.

The Marvel Studios president appeared on stage at the Hollywood premiere of Loki season 2 Monday night in his trademark baseball cap and good cheer. “Obviously our cast is not here tonight,” Feige told the audience. “But let me tell you something, they all worked so hard, they loved it so much.” Feige went on to tell the crowd about his girlfriend, you wouldn’t know her, she lives in Canada and goes to a different school.

Okay, not really. (I'd apologize, but there'd be a certain irony if Feige got upset about our putting words in his mouth in this particular context.) Instead, he talked about Tom Hiddleston being “not just our star and our Loki for the past 12 years, [but] he’s one of our executive producers and he’s incredible and this show wouldn’t happen without him.”

Feige’s comments highlight the problem studios are facing during the SAG-AFTRA strike action even beyond the very big issue of not being able to make new shows; features like Blue Beetle have reportedly underperformed due to a lack of actor promotion, and the lack of star power in talking up what is Marvel’s very first second season is likely being felt at Marvel and Disney alike. But… is a producer talking on behalf of the striking actors really the solution to all of this?

Loki season 2 begins October 5 on Disney+. The actors really loved making it, apparently. But not as much as they’d love better residuals and stronger protections against AI stealing their performances and their face, I bet.

Yes, Tom Hiddleston has been playing Loki for 12 years already; follow him through those 12 years with our Loki watch order.