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Ghosts' The Captain is the best character the franchise has to offer

Let us tell you why The Captain deserves to be your favorite Ghosts UK character

Ghosts is a BBC British sitcom which has inspired Ghosts the CBS American sitcom. This year marks the fifth series of what is colloquially known as Ghosts UK complete with the BBC tradition of a Christmas Special - and not the first for this show either! The show debuted in 2019 and has been a beloved staple of the BBC comedy line up ever since. Ghosts features the residents of Button House including new owner Alison Cooper (Charlotte Ritchie), who, following a near-death experience, can see and speak to a slough of ghostly former residents and visitors still tethered to the building.

While Ghosts UK is, on the surface level, a comedy, there is also a tremendous amount of education content (how familiar are you with the Romantic Period and its very particular style of poetry?), political commentary (if you're a North American viewer who has no idea what an MP is you're about to find out!), and raw, emotional humanity (I defy you not be moved by Kitty's self-actualization and the tragedy of her backstory). And all of the shows best qualities are perfectly encapsulated in Ben Willbond's character known simply as - "The Captain". Happily for us, Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson and Tiffany Babb share a love of The Captain and are ready to proselytize. Bracing!

Join them from their respective haunted homes to discover who The Captain is. Why The Captain is so amazing. What they hope to see for The Captain in this year's upcoming Christmas Special. And what a powerful figure he cuts as an unexpected pillar of queer joy. As a special gift to you for this holiday season this video also includes the debut of Pupverse Correspondent, Archie, who we can only assume also stans The Captain which is why he had to make his love heard!

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Ghosts UK also stars: Kiell Smith-Byone (Mike), Lolly Adefope (Kitty), Mathew Baynton (Thomas), Simon Farnaby (Julian), Martha Howe-Douglas (Lady Button), Jim Howick (Pat), Laurence Rickard (Robin), and more. The first season is available to stream now on Paramount+.

Ghosts has become a phenomenon in the UK, America, and around the world. With CBS's third season of Ghosts underway, get to know your favorite apparitions with a guide to how the ghosts of Ghosts died, where to watch both Ghosts shows, a guide to the casts of Ghosts, why BBC's Ghosts ended, and learn about the other Ghosts the original show planned but never used. We even have some thoughts on why the American Ghosts has its own worthy charms.

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