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The sleeper Netflix hit Loudermilk is so popular now that people are recommending the show to its co-creator

Loudermilk co-creator Bobby Mort says he and the cast & crew are as surprised by you as the show's new life on Netflix.

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If you're like me, you're still in the afterglow of a 30-episde binge of the TV series Loudermilk (if you're looking for what to watch next, check out our guide), which just debuted on Netflix a few days ago. And like me, you're surprised this show not only existed - but actually aired back in 2017 - 2020 on a network you never heard of (Sorry, AT&T Audience. And RIP AT&T Audience).

But either way, we have 30 episodes of Loudermilk & gang's antics and the show is - according to Google Trends, experiencing a spike in popularity that has overshadowed anything it did when it was being released back in 2017 to 2010 (Thanks, Netflix.)

In this warm glow, we actually talked to Loudermilk co-creator Bobby Mort about things - including the response it's had once it arrived on Netflix.

(And unlike Ron Livingston's Sam Loudermilk character, he can take a compliment.)

"It's very gratifying that people are finding and enjoying Loudermilk," Mort tells Popverse. "The whole thing has been a pleasant surprise, since the show has had several 'lives' on other platforms and nowhere near the same engagement. I've even had some people ask me ifI've heard of the show to which I respond, 'Yes. Yes, I have.'"

After Loudermilk's original home AT&T Audience folded, it was, for a time, on Amazon's Prime Video.

Loudermilk tells us that he's had some rousing conversations with Loudermilk co-creator Pete Farrelly, as well as co-star Will Sasso, about this Loudermilk loud response thanks to being on Netflix.

"The biggest takeaway from talking with folks involved in Loudermilk is that we felt that we had a good show, but it took Netflix putting it out there to really get some eyeballs on it," says Mort. "To that end, thanks, Netflix!"

Yes, Netflix. Thanks!

All three seasons of Loudermilk are available now on Netflix.

Netflix's Loudermilk is a hit - and its backstory is even more tragic (and meta) than its Ron Livingston's character's.

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