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Love Island release date: When is the next entry in the worldwide reality phenomenon coming out?

The format has spread all over the globe in recent years.

Love Island USA Season 5 cast
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Back in 2005, the first season of Celebrity Love Island aired in the UK, but it wasn’t until 2015 when the show brought on incredibly attractive members of the public that it became one of the biggest reality show franchises in existence. Propelled by the success of the original UK version, there are now over 20 international versions of Love Island to catch up on. If you’re wondering when the next release date in the Love Island franchise is, here are all the dates you need to keep in mind.

Like the similarly popular The Traitors franchise, every version of Love Island has the same basic premise. Several singletons are shipped off to paradise and need to couple up to find love and avoid being voted out of the villa. The winners get a pile of cash and the chance to establish themselves as a TV personality while viewers get to see beautiful people in beautiful locales. Not only has it spawned over two dozen spin-offs and international versions, it has also influenced the entire reality show industry.

When is the Love Island US season 6 and 7 release date?

The US has fallen in love with Love Island, with its first season premiering back in 2019. Since the show’s success hasn’t diminished over time, Peacock has announced that there are two new seasons planned. We don’t have release dates for Love Island US seasons six or seven yet, but we expect one to land later in 2024 and another to air in 2025.

When is the Love Island UK season 11 release date?

The original Love Island show, there are a whopping ten seasons available to watch of this version of the reality show, plus Love Island All Stars which aired in January 2024. The eleventh season of Love Island UK is expected to air during the summer 2024, but no official release date has been announced yet.

When is the Love Island Sweden season 4 release date?

The pandemic made it difficult for many versions of Love Island to be filmed, which has resulted in some recent series either being canceled or underperforming. There were four years between seasons two and three of Love Island Sweden and the network chose not to renew it for a fourth season as a result.

When is the Love Island South Africa season 2 release date?

The South African version of Love Island only lasted a single season in 2021 and was canceled shortly after. At the moment, there are no further plans for future episodes of Love Island South Africa.

When is the Love Island Spain season 3 release date?

The second season of Love Island Spain debuted in May 2022. A third season has been announced but it hasn’t been given a firm release date yet. We would expect it to begin airing in the summer of 2024 at the earliest.

When is the Love Island Romania season 2 release date?

Love Island Romania’s first season ended in November 2023. Despite getting good ratings, we’re still waiting for word on whether it has been renewed for a second season or if the network is dumping the reality show.

When is the Love Island Poland season 9 release date?

Poland really likes to watch hot singletons mix it up on the beach. Since the first season of their Love Island aired in 2019, they’ve averaged two seasons a year. They don’t seem like they want to stop yet either as Love Island Poland season nine is coming later in 2024, probably in late summer.

When is the Love Island Norway season 4 release date?

The third season of Love Island Norway began airing on March 4, 2024 and is expected to run for seven weeks after that. This marks the show’s first season since February 2020, with a delay of more than four years as a result of the COVID pandemic.

When is the Love Island Nigeria season 1 release date?

The first season of Love Island Nigeria is currently in development. We don’t yet know exactly when it will begin filming or when it will air, though as the new entry in the Love Island franchise is still looking for its local host.

When is the Love Island New Zealand season 1 release date?

Despite having a wealth of beaches and scenic areas to choose from, New Zealand has been surprisingly slow to hop on board the Love Island bandwagon. Their first season is currently in development with an expected release date coming in summer 2024.

When is the Love Island Netherlands release date?

The Netherlands is currently airing two different versions of Love Island – the first is Love Island The Netherlands and the other is a joint venture with Belgium titled Love Island The Netherlands and Belgium. Both currently have seasons in development with an expected release date in summer 2024.

When is the Love Island Malta season 2 release date?

Malta’s second season of Love Island is scheduled to air in summer 2024, though the exact date hasn’t been released yet. It follows on from a highly successful first season in 2023.

When is the Love Island Italy release date?

Italy had a very short love affair with the Love Island format. Its first and only season aired in 2021 and wasn’t renewed for further episodes due to lower-than-expected ratings.

When is the Love Island Israel season 2 release date?

After several long delays in producing their own version of Love Island, Israel is still waiting for it to air. Originally, it was meant to come out in May 2023, but it was pushed back and no further release date has been offered.

When is the Love Island Hungary release date?

Love Island Hungary only lasted for a single season back in 2019. Shortly afterward, it was canceled due to the COVID pandemic and the network never decided to pick it back up again.

When is the Love Island Greece release date?

We only got one season of Love Island Greece, which aired in June 2022. It didn’t find an audience in the country and no further episodes were ordered by the network.

When is the Love Island Germany season 9release date?

Germany was one of the first countries outside of the UK to air its own version of Love Island. The first season of Love Island Germany aired in 2017 and the most recent, season eight, aired in 2023. However, the network hasn’t officially renewed the show for a ninth season so German fans will have to live in anticipation if the program will return in 2024.

When is the Love Island France season 3release date?

Love Island France had a three-year gap between seasons one and two. The most recent episodes aired in June 2023 and there hasn’t been any announcement regarding new episodes coming up.

When is the Love Island Finland season 5release date?

The fifth season of Love Island Finland hasn’t been confirmed yet so we don’t know when or even if it will eventually air. The previous season began airing in June 2023, so the broadcaster may be taking a year off as they have in the past.

When is the Love Island Denmark release date?

Love Island Denmark only aired for a single season in the territory. It took place in summer 2018 and the network never sought to renew the show for more episodes.

When is the Love Island Czech Republic and Slovakia season 4 release date?

A joint effort between the two nations, Love Island Czech Republic and Slovakia first aired back in 2021 with its third season airing in June 2023. Since then, the show hasn’t been officially renewed for a fourth season, though it also hasn’t been officially canceled. There is still a chance that the network will pick it up for a summer 2024 airing, but we will have to wait and see.

When is the Love Island Quebec season 4release date?

The French-speaking portion of Canada has had its own version of Love Island since 2021. The most recent season is the third, which began airing in April 2023. The show hasn’t officially been confirmed for a fourth season yet.

When is the Love Island Australia season 6 release date?

Another early adopter of the Love Island format was Australia, which saw its first season debut in 2018. After missing one year due to the pandemic, it has continued through to season five, which aired from October to December 2023. A sixth season hasn’t been confirmed yet but wouldn’t be expected until autumn 2024 at the earliest.

When is the Love Island Albania season 2 release date?

We know that the second season of Love Island Albania will air at some point in 2024, but an official release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. If it follows the same schedule as the 2023 season, it will start in September 2024 and end in November, but that is just speculation at this point.

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