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Luke Skywalker finally met Padmé Amidala... at the Golden Globes

The Force brought them together at last.

Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman meeting (cropped)
Image credit: Mark Hamill

Believe it or not, Star Wars legends Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman had never met until the Golden Globes 2024 ceremony. How long have they been trying to be in the same room?

One of the most interesting things to come out of every awards ceremony is the barrage of stylish as well as funny pictures of celebrities, and that always includes unexpected wacky situations too, such as Brie Larson almost having a breakdown in front of Jennifer López. Well, another random event which almost certainly was on nobody's bingo cards was Mark Hamill meeting Natalie Portman (aka his fictional mom) at last "thanks to the Golden Globes." Here's the full casual photograph the actor shared on X/Twitter:

Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman meeting (full)
Image credit: Mark Hamill

Star Wars fans were well aware the chances of both actors ever interacting on the big or small screen were close to zero at this point even if the Force tried to intervene, but it was remarkably odd that they'd never shared the same space during another awards ceremony or event. Portman hasn't maintained a close relationship with the Star Wars franchise, to be fair, choosing to skip Star Wars Celebrations and such events, so that drastically lowered the chances of their paths crossing.

Both actors had acknowledged in the past how weird it was that they'd never met though. In 2018, Hamill let Twitter know he'd never "met this woman," and according to Rian Johnson, this situation could've been mended earlier, as she "came by set" (meaning The Last Jedi's) while she was shooting Annihilation at Pinewood.

Up next in live-action Star Wars we have two Disney+ shows coming in 2024: The Acolyte, set in the High Republic era, and Skeleton Crew, which happens around the same as The Mandalorian. Stay tuned for updates on those two series and more!

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