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Mad Max will be "lurking around somewhere" in the upcoming Furiosa, teases director/writer George Miller

What's a Mad Max Saga without Rockatansky?

Mad Max: Fury Road
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The road to Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga began with its first trailer (and first press day) this past weekend and, while writer/director George Miller says the film is about Furiosa, he also says you-know-who won't be forgotten (beyond being named in the subtitle).

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga "happens 15 years directly before Mad Max: Fury Road, and [...] runs straight into it," Miller said at Brazil's CCXP. "And Max is lurking around somewhere around in this story. But its really the story of Furiosa and how she got to there. So alot of the film will be familiar, a lot of it is new - unseen before."

To be clear, Miller isn't announcing Mad Max will appear in Furiosa - but could be hinting at something much more than is previously announced by him and the studio. If he did appear, it would make the subtitle 'a Mad Max Saga' more apt - especially considering Miller wants to do more films in this saga after Furiosa.

While Fury Road took place across three days and two nights in the fictional Wasteland which Warner Bros. now dubs 'the Mad Max Saga', the Furiosa film will allow us to "get to know" those characters "in much more detail".

In addition to Furiosa returning as a younger version played by Anya Taylor-Joy, a younger Immortan Joe has also been cast (although his identity remains unknown). And Fury Road's Nathan Jones and Angus Sampson are returning as their previous chracters, Rictus Erectus and the Organic Mechanic.

Now about Max? Well, that remains to be seen. If he appears, it could be Tom Hardy.... or heck, could even be Mel Gibson.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is in theaters now - if you got confused (or haven't got there yet), we have a guide to all the big questions with that ending. Get more with articles on Furiosa's new ride, an itinerary on how (and where) to watch all the Mad Max movies in chronological or release order, and the Mad Max movies' entire timeline explained.

Furiosa: a Mad Max Saga opens in theaters May 24, 2024.

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