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Marvel's X-Men plans mapped out through fall 2025 - including a major Marvel event and more

Tom Brevoort, who's captaining the From the Ashes relaunch, revealed a (temporary) schedule via his substack

Image credit: Marvel

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If you've been following our coverage of the X-Men relaunch coming this summer, you already know how much info we've gleaned from the substack of Tom Brevoort. A longtime Marvel staple and current captain of the 'From the Ashes' relaunch, Brevoort has given us a host of juicy details, the latest of which answers the question: what does the X-Schedule look like into 2025?

The info comes as answer to a question from follower Leigh Hunt. "Curious to know how far ahead you are in your X-planning?" asked Leigh, then, after qualifying that the answer could change based on sales, "where are your concrete and not-so concrete plans up to for the X-books?"

"As you’d expect," Brevoort begins, "it varies from title to title, Leigh. But for the three books with X-MEN in the title, I’d say that we’re pretty solid through the end of the year and our first tiny little crossover moment."

In case you don't know (your probably do), those three books are X-Men by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman, Exceptional X-men by Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero, and The Uncanny X-Men by Gail Simone and David Marquez.

"And from there," Brevoort continues, "as we get into 2025, we’re talking about a storyline for around March, a special project for May, potentially a key one-shot for June and a big X-line Event around October. But all of that is subject to change as conditions on the ground shift in real time."

Change though they might, these are already shaping up to be massive plans for the X-Men. We've reported recently on Marvel's hopes to launch a new X-Men comic (mini, ongoing, or one-shot) every month starting this July, as well as their aim to put your favorite X-Characters in solo books. And though the info Brevoort's given away seems like a lot already, each piece only proves to be one tip of an ever-expanding mutant iceburg.

However an X-Men schedule looks come 2025, we imagine it'll be a full one.

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