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Marvel's Blade-centric vampire crossover with Avengers gets bigger with Blood Hunt Diaries

Now I'm imagining Blade writing in a diary at the end of a blood-soaked day

Blood Hunt Diaries
Image credit: Marvel Comics

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2024 is going to suck for Marvel heroes, but for a good reason: vampires are overrunning the Earth.

Blood Hunt Diaries
Image credit: Marvel Comics

In the upcoming crossover event Blood Hunt spilling out of the flagship Avengers title this summer, Marvel's various villainous (and heroic) bloodsuckers are being drawn into a battle with heroes for control of the planet. So much so that we've created a Blood Hunt guide that'll grow as more is known about the event.

This 2024 storyline is planned as Marvel's central event of the year - so much so that they're not only making the kick-off issue free as part of May 4's Free Comic Book Day, but they're doing a second publication exclusive to comic stores increase the buzz arround the book.

Blood Hunt Diaries is a promotional comic Marvel is shipping out this spring, which will include preview pages from Blood Hunt #1, interviews with several of the creators involved (including writer Jed McKay), plus concept art for the event. Marvel even says there'll be "some secrets of the event".

(Here's hoping for a return of Marvel's Mort the Dead Teenager. We can dream!)

News of this new title, shared in a retailer-only newsletter earlier this month, shows that despite the MCU Blade movie being delayed, Marvel Comics' plans for Blade continue to move along entirely unaffected.

How can you buy this comic? You can't, execept maybe second-hand. Marvel is giving each store a bundle of 20 copies free, with additional bundles available for a service chargew which equates to 50 cents each.

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