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The Marvels: When and where will it be streaming?

Higher. Further. Faster. But at home, and very soon

The Marvels - Carol in space
Image credit: Marvel Studios

The Marvels, Marvel Studios' second Phase 5 movie, has been available to watch in theaters since November 10. But what if you prefer to watch at home or are already looking forward to rewatching it countless times? Good news, friends: that can happen for you immediately.

When can we expect The Marvels to be available via streaming and digital platforms?

If you’re looking to purchase (or rent) The Marvels, you can do so right now, via Amazon, Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play. The movie was released as an online offering January 17, 2024.

When will The Marvels be available via Blu-ray or DVD?

The physical release of The Marvels is currently scheduled for February 13, 2024. It’ll be available as Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K disc.

When will The Marvels be available to stream on Disney+

Marvel has just announced that the movie will debut on the streaming service on February 7, a week before physical release.

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