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Get Radiant as the Massive-Verse lands at San Diego Comic Con '22

Popverse brings you live coverage from San Diego Comic Con's Massive-Verse Panel

Massive-verse panel
Image credit: Kat Calamia (Popverse)

Team Popverse has moseyed our way all the way into the San Diego Convention Center for our very first (as a team) San Diego Comic Con! We're so excited to be wandering these iconic halls and searching out the most exciting stories to cover-- and that includes liveblogging some interesting panels!

Join us as we settle down at the Massive-Verse panel, where we will hear from the many creators of the new superhero universe from Image Comics (launched with Radiant Black). We are excited to hear not only about how this universe came together, but also about what's coming up next!

The official panel synopsis reads: Radiant Black launched the beginning of a bold, new and interconnected superhero world—the Massive-Verse—from Image Comics. Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black), Ryan Parrott (Rogue Sun), Melissa Flores (The Dead Lucky), Cherish Chen (Radiant Red), Mat Groom (Inferno Girl Red), and Michael Busuttil (Massive-Verse editor) form a truly massive panel packed with secrets, spoilers, and announcements moderated by Meghan Camarena.

And if you're not familiar with Radiant Black and the Massive-Verse, check out our guide to all things Massive-Verse.

Popverse will be covering panels and other exciting events live throughout the weekend. To keep up with our coverage, keep an eye on our San Diego Comic Con Coverage Roundup Page.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

The panel is about to begin!
The panels has begun announcing that they are Eisner losers.
The whole massive-verse team met through Power Rangers minus one or 2 creators.
Kyle loves making a universe with his friends.
Radiant Red, Rogue Sun, and Radiant Black are all coming out on the same day next week. So they're allowing some members of the crowd to read for free who answer some Massive-verse trivia questins correctly.
Radiant Black is going up against his greatet foe yet - creative license.
They are showing preview pages from Radiant Black #16
Every sixth issue has told a new origin of a Radiant. Issue 18 will be the origin of radiant yellow.
The issue is written from four eras of Radiant Yellow's life - you can read it like a timeline.
We are seeing the whole issue in one image, and this image is only for this room.
Every issue is always a new experience, which comes from Kyle's director side.
There's a new story coming for Radiant Black - The Catalyst War!
There's a new story coming for Radiant Black - The Catalyst War!
"If you thought Dylan had family issues before" Kyle teases about Ryan's final issue for his first arc
Rogue Sun will be doing an in the vein of a choose your own adventure book. He's in this position because of the villain, Ornate.
Rogue Sun #8 is going to have more high school like Go Go Power Rangers. They are introdcing a new villain - Hellbent.
For the first time Dylan is going to make more of his own choices.
There is one issue left of Radiant Red.
It's a very character focused book because she has a complicated relationship with dreams, money, and even her romantic relationship.
Each Radiant is fully their own characters, which is why they can spin off to tell such tonally different stories.
The creative teams are using the asethetic of their childhood to tell stories about modern adulthood.
We are seeing an exclusive look at the finale of Radiant Red.
The audience member who read the issue during the panel described it as "unpredictable"
There will be a tiny announcement at the end of Radiant Red.
The panel is now discussing the new series - Inferno Girl Red
We are seeing art from Book One
If you are a backer of the Kickstarter you're getting updates about the progress of the book.
The graphic novel is going to be accessible to the YA market, which the team is excited about.
They are showing new pages from Erica D'Urso's recent pages
Melissa Flores makes her comic book debut with The Dead Lucky
The audience member who read the issue says that Dead Lucky is a great dive into PTSD
Melissa wanted to see more representation of someone who is mixed race with Dead Lucky. The character is inspired by Melissa's girlfriend who is also a soldier.
She wanted to share her own culture of being Mexican and her girlfriend's culture of being Asian. Two cultures that have background with the dead
A soldier doesn't have to be a vehicle of badassery. Melissa wants to show the true story of soldiers coming home.
A Radiant Pink mini series has been announced!
The same writer who wrote her origin in Radiant Black will be writing the mini-series
Radiant Pink will be thrown into a new dimention and will lose her social media life.
Radiant Pink will have a new love interest with Kelly.
It's a 5 issue mini series that will be released in late 2022. Drawn by Emma Kubert
Super Massive will be back for April 2023!
They want to do something as radically different as the first one
The audience member says that Radiant Black #16 was mind blowing.
Thanks for reading. The panel has wrapped.

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