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McDonald's flips the trope and becomes WcDonald's in upcoming anime collaboration

As long as we can still get our WcNuggets, we're good.

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McDonald’s has one of the most well-known corporate brands of all time, with restaurants all over the world, including in Japan. The fast food company's omnipresence has led to multiple anime featuring slightly altered versions of the chain, such as when The Devil is a Part-Timer! took place in a place called MgRonald’s. Turns out, McDonald’s saw all that, and it looks like they want in on the joke.

The acknowledgement of this long-running anime trope is kind of brilliant on McDonald’s part. With a flip of their sign, they’ve changed their name to WcDonald’s, promising a special WcDonald’s sauce and Wcnuggets when the promotion goes live on February 26, 2024.

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Image credit: McDonald's

While there are still a lot of details about McDonald’s upcoming collaboration with anime studio Pierrot, the person who runs McDonald’s social media let some crucial details slip out this morning. After posting a new teaser image that showcased more of the characters that are expected to feature in whatever this week's trailer was promoting, the account replied to a question about international availability by revealing more than they probably should have.

From the restaurant’s point of view, the promotion will include a new sauce called Savory Chili WcDonald’s sauce. The post also mentioned some “WcDonald’s exclusive content” that will be available through March 22, 2024 at participating locations throughout the US and Canada.

That’s all very interesting and probably tasty, but what about the anime being produced by Pierrot, the studio behind classics like Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho? We’re still waiting to find out more about that. We expect it will just be a silly but amusing OVA. Judging by the visuals, we think WcDonalds might be another world’s equivalent of the restaurant, potentially started by a fry cook who gets isekaied there and decides to start their own version to make money and nuggets.

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