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Jason Aaron on consulting for Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder drew a lot from Jason Aaron's run on Thor, but he also got to chime in on the movie (at least, a little)

Pink image of Natalie Portman's Jane Foster and Chris Hemsworth's Thor facing each other
Image credit: Marvel Studios

It’s no secret that Thor: Love and Thunder drew a lot from Jason Aaron’s run on Thor. From the character Gorr the God Butcher to Jane Foster taking up the hammer, you can see Aaron’s story all over the big screen. But he also worked behind the camera too... at least a little bit.

At his spotlight panel at Wondercon 2023, Aaron shared a bit about his experience consulting on the MCU’s third Thor movie. “The whole process for me was an exciting and happy one,” he told the audience. “I was more involved with that than with any other Marvel Studios project where they’ve used my stuff.”

In fact, Aaron was able to give notes and watch different cuts of the film as well as have conversations with film’s director Taika Waititi — who also directed JoJo Rabbit, one of Aaron’s favorite movies from the past years. “All I can say is that I appreciate being part of the process,” Aaron added, “It felt like they took a few of my notes, [although] not all of them.”

As for what he liked about the movie, Aaron said, “I like the Gorr scenes, the opening scenes. I liked Christian Bale.” Aaron also mentioned other bits in the movie that came from the book, like Jane and her hammer, remarking that over the twenty years he’s been writing at Marvel, the two things he was most proud of was the Gorr the God Butcher story and the Jane-Thor story.

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