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The stylish world of Metallic Rouge all started with a single image, says BONES President

A whole world that spawned from a single idea.

Metallic Rouge screenshot
Image credit: BONES

Creating a vibrant, unique world is a process that usually starts with the smallest origins. For the producer of Metallic Rouge, that origin was a single image in his mind that sparked the entire story and world that came from it, something that he revealed during a roundtable interview at Anime NYC in November.

“I had a visual in my mind that preceded all of this,” recalled Masahiko Minami, President of BONES and producer of Metallic Rouge, during the interview. “Of a boy watching what looked like stars coming down. That was the first contact of the human race with aliens and the first point in which this history begins.”

That visual in his imagination was the spark that created the world of Metallic Rouge. In this world, mankind has terraformed Mars and has androids that obediently obey their orders. Rouge is one such android who, along with her friend Naomi, must track down nine artificial humans who have nefarious plans for the humans on Mars. “All of this are the consequences from this one image,” explained Minami.

Of course, this being an anime, those consequences include massive mecha battles on the surface of Mars, with Rouge unlocking her full potential to save the people there. BONES is known for delivering stellar adaptations of manga like My Hero Academia and Mob Psycho 100, so we expect Metallic Rouge to be just as visually gorgeous. What has us most excited is the cyber-noir aesthetic that we see in the images so far. It looks different from anything we’ve seen from the studio before. We can't wait to see it when it streams on Crunchyroll early next year.

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