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Mike Flanagan doesn't like the Flanaverse name, but its inspired a series of on-set jokes

Lovers of The Haunting series, or Fall of the House of Usher, get ready to... flassemble...?

Fall of the House of Usher
Image credit: Netflix

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Fans of the collective work of Mike Flanagan might have been surprised by a confession of the writer and director of projects like Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil, The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass, and The Fall of the House of Usher had to share at the Across the Flanaverse with Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel at at Emerald City Comic Con 2024 on Saturday afternoon. That whole 'Flanaverse' thing? He’s not really into it.

Flanagan started the panel by apologizing for the title of the panel, admitting that when it comes to the umbrella term for his interconnected series of shows and movies, “I don’t love it. It’s a weird word.” (He didn’t come up with the term, as it turns out; that’s a Netflix invention.)

That says, it’s not all a bad thing. “It’s yielded something great, which is when the cast get back together, we say ‘Flavengers Flassemble, which I kind of love,” he shared.

Stick a pin in that thought for now, as cute as it is; we’ll come back to it in a second, but before we do, I need to share that panel moderator, Popverse’s own Ashley Victoria Robinson, took advantage of discussions of umbrella terms to ask if Flanagan and wife (not to mention, leading lady and constant collaborator) Siegel if they had a preferred terms for their eager fanbase.

“I shudder to think… they’re Flans…?” asked Flanagan, but Siegel had a far better idea: “Maybe they can all be Flavengers!” Needless to say the crowd cheered at the prospect of belonging to the same team as their favorite actors.

See the conversation for yourself, as we filmed the entire 'Enter the Flanaverse' panel from Seattle's ECCC 2024.

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