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Miss Minutes could come to the 616 universe, Marvel’s editor-in-chief says

C.B. Cebulski addresses the possibility of Miss Minutes making her way into Marvel Comics.

Still image of Miss Minutes from promotional video
Image credit: Disney+

One of Marvel’s most beloved characters is someone who has never appeared inside a comic book. The loveable and mischievous Miss Minutes stole our hearts when we met her during Loki season 1. She’s a perky AI program that has taken the form of an anthropomorphic clock. Initially it appeared that she served the Time Variance Authority, but it turns out she’s been working alongside He Who Remains aka the villainous Kang.

(By the way, this Popverse writer is particularly proud of breaking the story that Miss Minutes would be returning for Loki season 2.)

Miss Minutes quickly became the breakout character of the show, appearing on clothing and getting her own plushies. Her face has been on everything, except for Marvel Comics. Sure, Miss Minutes has graced some variant covers, but she has never been featured as a character within the comics themselves.

During the Marvel’s Avengers Assemble panel at New York Comic Con, a fan asked editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski if the beloved character would ever appear in the comics themselves. "I can't say for sure or not. We've seen Darcy come in. We've seen Alligator Loki come in. Never say never. She's been on covers. Only time will tell...pun intended,” Cebulski answered.

If there weren’t plans to bring her into the comics before this, I would say this certainly planted the seed. Will Miss Minutes make her way into the comics? I think it’s only a matter of time.

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