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Netflix and Jerry Seinfeld's Unfrosted is getting frosted by Kuwaiti rom-com Honeymoonish

Certainly not the warm reception the streamer wanted from the movie.

Unfrosted screenshot
Image credit: Netflix

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Who can say what will be a hit on Netflix? The streamer can be unpredictable, with people creating their own bizarre double bills when a particular actor lands on something big. However, sometimes, movies that seem like they should be a big hit don’t live up to expectations. Unfrosted, Jerry Seinfeld’s new Poptart-related movie, is getting dwarfed on Netflix’s chart by Honeymoonish, a Kuwaiti enemies-to-lovers rom-com.

Seinfeld is obviously best known for starring in one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time and for an animated movie about the love between a woman and a bee. However, he has continued to work over the years and his latest film, Unfrosted, is the kind of odd subject matter that Netflix viewers eat up. Yet it pulled in around half the global viewers of Honeymoonish and barely beat City Hunter, a live-action adaptation of an anime that is now in its second week.

Unfrosted managing to top the English movie charts on Netflix was really a given – it is entering a field with little competition and comes fresh off the heals of Jerry Seinfeld spending the last week making headlines for being the latest comedian to complain that he isn’t allowed to be funny anymore. But even that wasn’t enough to save the movie from going down in a blaze of mediocrity and earning a lukewarm 41% Freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

This isn’t to discount the quality of Honeymoonish, which by all accounts is a solid if by-the-numbers rom-com, but we would have expected Seinfeld’s take on the Pop-Tarts legacy to make a slightly bigger splash on Netflix in its first week.

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