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The bad news? Max is ditching The Conjuring films. The good news? Now they're easier to watch

Both Netflix and free-with-ads streamer Tubi are the ghosts' new hosts - we'll tell you which Conjuring films you can watch there

Image credit: Netflix, Warner Bros., Tubi

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Last year, we reported the news that Warner Bros was exorcising much of The Conjuring lineup from its streamer, Max, despite the fact that the company owns the franchise. While we won't pretend to understand this decision, we can offer a positive update on the situation: some of the Conjuring films lost to the Max purge are up on Netflix starting in June 1, 2024. And in even better news, they're also up on Tubi, which is free (with ads). With two options to stream some of The Conjuring films, one of which requires no money at all, it's never been easier to watch the series.

Again, though, we only mean some parts of the franchise. And to help you navigate which movies that entails, we've put together these lists. Enjoy.

The Conjuring movies on Netflix

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Of the eight movies that currently make up The Conjuring Universe, three of them have "The Conjuring" actually in their titles - and all three of them are on Netflix as of June 1. Here's a complete list:

But as we've said, Netflix isn't the only new destination for Conjuring fans.

The Conjuring movies on Tubi

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Tubi's got every Cojuring movie that Netflx does, plus, there's a spooky spinoff in the mix too, with the first of The Nun films also part of the catalogue. Here is the list, in total, of The Conjuring movies on Tubi.

Now, if you're familiar wiith The Conjuring franchise, you'll notice that a certain creepy doll-centric spinoff series is not on either of these lists. And you'd be right - the Annabelle trilogy is sadly not on Tubi, nor is it at its old residence on Max. So just where are the Annabelle films?

Where to stream the Annabelle movies

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Unfortunately, if you're marathoning the Annabelle films, you're going to have to rent, which means shelling out more money than just the cost of a monthly streaming subscription. And while renting all three on Amazon is still technically cheaper than a Netflix premium subscription, it's decidedly less content. Nevertheless, here are the Annabelle films, linked to where you can rent them.

Before we leave you to your binging, there's one last part of this story you need to know. If you've done the math, you'll notice that the lists above only account for seven out of the eight films in the Conjuring universe. So what's with the last one?

What is the Conjuring movie still on Max?

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Yes, there's exactly one film in the Ed and Lorraine Warren-starring universe that survived Max's fan-aggravating purge. That's The Nun II, the second of The Nun spinoffs focusing on an ancient habit-wearing demon called Valak. Perhaps it's still on Max because it's the most recent of the Conjuring films, having come out in just 2023.

Then again, speaking as one of those aggravated fans myself, goodness only knows what logic Max was applying to this choice.

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