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Blumhouse enlists Mike Flanagan for new Exorcist... but it won't be a Believer sequel

The Exorcist world is expanding

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Hey horror nerds, Mike Flanagan is writing and directing an Exorcist. I'll give you a moment to calm down.

Now that your pants are changed, here's the catch - it's not a sequel to last year's The Exorcist: Believer. According to a press release from May 29, Flanagan is set to "produce a radical new take" on the franchise for current IP-holder Blumhouse, one that is distinct from, but still canonical to, the story established by the original 1973 film, it's two prequels, and three sequels.

Some context - The Exorcist: Believer is the first of three Exorcist films that Blumhouse assigned their Halloween reboot/sequel director David Gordon Green to all the way back in 2021. The second film, tentatively titled The Exorcist: Deceiver, was originally slated for debut in 2025 but was officially delayed when Green left the project earlier this year. It's unclear if this new announcement means that the project is officially dead or not.

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The specific announcement that Flanagan's movie will not be a sequel to Believer might indicate that Blumhouse may be continuing the franchise on two tracks: the Believer trilogy, and another direction originated by Flanagan. Though the press release makes it clear that the Doctor Sleep director's film will take place "in The Exorcist universe" - a statement echoed by Flanagan himself - how it will be different is yet unclear.

One possible method of differentiation is by forgoing the use of any previously established Exorcist characters. Since the very first film, a handful of players have gone in and out of the Satanic spotlight, and leaving all of them in the toybox for this next round would certainly make for a "radical new take" on the franchise. Or perhaps the demon will be the good guy this time? No one can say - both the plot and, sadly, the release date for Mike Flanagan's Exorcist have not been annnounced.

Expect more details on this story as they emerge, spin their heads around, and spew across the room.

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